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AMD dismantles and divides the work the factory and starts 32/28nm technology project

Probably one month ago, Globalfoundries began the semiconductor and took the place of worker’s business formally. For attract more user, to produce factory, choose, put out, have advanced person of person who invade that produce the technology very much ago the AMD to. Such as this year, Globalfoundries plans to begin to use the production technology of 32nm in order to meet the production demand of the latest figure processor, and will choose to join 28nm and produce the technology such as high-k metal gate technology.

Top Tom - Sandman (Tom Sonderman) of Globalfoundries Company Show: “The display card of our ready use 32nm/28nm technological competition AMD takes the place of worker’s business. ”

In fact use ” The competition ” This concept is not very suitable for AMD, as big shareholder of Globalfoundries, AMD too certain to take the place of the Engineer business, for Globalfoundries processor and the intersection of graphic display and chip. But a customer from U.S.A. and Europe needs to strive for besides this, required very most pointed process technologies of these customers.

Mr. Sonderman shows: “It is in California that we nearly have 70% of the markets, other main customers are on the European market. Such as PC platform (CPU GPU) ,Wireless devices, game machine and telecommunication products are all our target markets. ”

Take the place of the factory as a chip, Globalfoundries will accept the production orders of other chip manufacturers too naturally, such as Microsoft, NVIDIA and Qualcomm.

32nm production technology has already been used in Dresden at present, we have already done a good job of and produced preparation at the same time. ”

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